This was too good not to share!

I recently watched this fantastic video from Dylan Kotecki where he breaks down landscape editing in ON1 Photo RAW into 5 simple steps.

In the video, he walks you through everything from perfecting composition and infusing vibrant tones with Brilliance AI to making precise local adjustments and even swapping out skies with Sky Swap AI. He even adds some stylish effects for that extra wow factor. 

It couldn’t be simpler, and I love how accessible this step-by-step is for those who might be just starting out.

Dylan will be sharing even more of his expertise at next week’s ON1 Landscape Photography Conference—online on June 18th & 19th, 2024.

So take advantage of this opportunity to spend two full days learning from him, our other awesome instructors, and yours truly (yep, I’ll be teaching too!).

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