Workhorse Roller Case for the Professional Photographer

Review by Fernando Santos

If you generally read my reviews, you probably know that I love Think Tank Photo products. I have many more of their bags than I will ever admit. Each one has a purpose, and the Production Manager 50 V2 is no different. The question is: Is this a bag for you? Let me help you to answer that question. 

This is a huge bag! Its external dimensions are: 53.1″ long, 17.3″ wide, and 12.6″ deep (135x44x32 cm, respectively), and its empty weight is 25.9 lbs (11.7 kg). If you shoot on location and you need to carry several strobes, C-stands, light modifiers, battery packs, etc., then you need a large rolling bag like this one. 

The large wheels, extra handles, and reinforced materials will help you to transport all the gear you need in a protected and comfortable way. There are plenty of dividers for you to set up the internal layout to your needs, keeping everything in its place. I could pack three Westcott FJ400 strobes, a couple Avenger C-stands, two 7′ parabolic umbrellas, and some other light modifiers. 

The bag can become very heavy due to the amount of gear it can carry, but the padded handles make it easy for two people to move it in/out of a vehicle or any other place where you can’t roll it. Security wise, the high-quality YKK zippers are lockable, and it also includes a security cable and a TSA-approved lock, just in case you need to leave the bag unattended for a while. 

The Production Manager 50 V2 roller case is another high-quality product from Think Tank Photo that I’d recommend only for professional photographers. Let me say again: This isn’t a bag for the amateur photographer who wants to carry a couple of camera bodies and a few lenses.