If you’ve ever wondered what camera gear your favorite photographers use to get their iconic shots, you’re definitely not alone.

We all know that it’s not the camera that makes a photo great, but it’s still fun to see what equipment our peers in the industry are using.  

Shotkit curates a selection of talented photographers from around the world, showing off their best images, and the cameras, lenses, and lighting used to create them. 

There’s also a sprinkling of all the other fun photography paraphernalia too – backpacks, tripods, software… and a few unexpected additions that reflect the photographers’ personality.

Take a look at some of our favorites from over the years and let us know what gear you have your eye on this year in the comments below.

Jay Cassario
Zac and Zac
Alex Kuhni
Deanna Mushins
Photographer Osie Greenway’s field kit covering the Mosul Offensive 2016/17
GMB Akash
Yasu Junko
Javier Abad
Alic Coppola
Scott Kelby

Did you spot anyone you recognize? 🙂

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Mark Condon for Shotkit

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