On Location Tips with Frank Doorhof | Photo Tip Friday

Part of what makes shooting portraits on location difficult are those pesky distractions. In this quick Photo Tip Friday video from Frank Doorhof, you learn how to get rid of those eyesores using Photoshop. Watch and learn as Frank reveals his trick for getting rid of distractions with post-processing.

Discover More About On Location Portrait Shoots

Immerse yourself in the world of on location portrait photography. Watch Frank’s newest online class, photographing portraits in any location. In this class, you’ll learn what gear to bring with, how to set up your lighting, how to pose the model, how to frame the shot, and even how to edit those photos. You’ll see how pro photographer Frank Doorhof does this in a variety of locations. From country roads, to the banks of a canal, to the wall of a building, Frank shows you how to compose those creative shots.

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