Pop-up Design Provides Stress-Free SetupPop-up Design Provides Stress-Free Setup

Review by Michael Corsentino

Assembling softboxes typically requires a set of loose metal rods first inserted into fabric pockets inside a softbox’s interior and then attaching a speedring at its base, compatible with the strobe in use. Even under ideal conditions, such as the studio, this is a clumsy and often time-consuming process with loose rods here, there, and everywhere, and fabric folding in on itself. Trust me, I’ve been there. Add in the wind, uneven ground surfaces, and dirt that you’ll find on location makes putting softboxes together even more challenging and annoying.

Phottix new series of Raja Quick-Folding Softboxes solves any assembling issues with a clever pop-up, umbrella-style design that provides stress-free setup in just seconds, and they include a range of modifiers with considerable value, build quality, and amenities, all at an affordable price point. Comprised of seven different models, the Raja Softbox series starts with four octabanks ranging in size from narrow to deep: the Raja 60cm (24″), Raja 80cm (32″), Raja 65cm (26″), and Raja 105cm (41″). Next, there are two rectangular softboxes: the Raja 60x90cm (24×35″) and the Raja 80x120cm (32×47″). And finally, there’s a strip box: the Raja 30x140cm (12×55″). Each comes with a silver interior ensuring a crisp quality of light and plenty of efficiency, an interior diffusion baffle, exterior diffusion fabric, carrying bag, and wait for it—a fabric egg-crate grid for even more precise light control. Based on the Raja’s price point across the line, the inclusion of a high-quality fabric grid is a pretty amazing value.

Attaching speedrings is quick and easy, accomplished via a series of set screws. A Bowens mount is standard with optional speedrings available for Elinchrom, Profoto, and Balcar. ■