Member Monday featuring Taylor Cready

Taylor Cready’s photography pushes the boundaries of the traditional portrait. We love this monochromatic look: the lip, suit, eye makeup, and backdrop are all bleeding red.

This model takes on a stoic and powerful posing that is also very impressive. Continue reading to hear Taylor’s take on putting this image together and her overall portfolio.

About the Photo

I took this photo in the studio and it was part of a personal project to build my portfolio.

Gear & Software

I used the Canon EOS 77D with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I also used 1 studio strobe with a large octabox. I used Adobe Photoshop for retouching.

Photography Preferences

I like to photograph portraits, especially fashion/beauty portraits.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

My favorite class on KelbyOne is the Master High Key and Low Key Lighting class by Lindsay Adler because I enjoyed learning the different low key lighting setups.

More of Taylor’s Work

Visit Taylor’s website for her full body of work. Her Instagram can be found at @taylorcreadyphoto.Give her a follow and show some support to your fellow artists!

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