Member Monday Featuring Janina Cleven

We love to see our members perfecting their macro floral photography. Janina Cleven usually photographs sweeping grand landscapes, but this photo took our breath away with its tack-sharp focus on the details!

We’re here today with Janina to get to know the woman behind the photo!

About the Photographer

  • Hometown: I live in Waynesboro, PA.
  • Years in Photography: I have been into photography for more years than I care to remember. I started out in the B&W film world with a point and shoot camera. From there I progressed to using an SLR (Minolta camera) and getting into photo processing, both B&W and color Cibachrome processing, before finally adopting digital photography. I was a Nikon shooter for many years before switching to the Fujifilm system for its lighter weight and intuitive handling.
  • Years as a KO Member:  I’m not sure how many years I’ve been with KelbyOne but it’s probably at least 10 years and counting.

About the Photo:

Photo by: Janina Cleven
  • Title: This photo is titled “A Touch of Yellow”.
  • Location: It was taken at the side of a wooded area in South Central PA.
  • Any additional description of the photograph:  I chose to shoot the flower with the woods in the background to darken the background and create a bokeh by catching the light coming through the trees.
  • Gear/Software Used: I was using a Fuji X-T2 with a 16-80mm lens at f4, 1/50sec. with the camera on a tripod.
Photo by: Janina Cleven

Describe your creative style in 3 words.

If I had to describe my creative style in three words it would be: Keep it Simple. My first love is landscape photography, but I’m always looking for the small details when I have a camera in my hand, as well as the larger landscape.

Tell us about a time you struggled or failed with your photography, and how you overcame it.

Over the years, I’ve probably had more failures than successes. I guess I’m my own worst critic, but I love being outdoors, so putting myself in a beautiful location gets my creative juices flowing and reinvigorates my love of photography.

What sparked your love of photography?

My father was probably instrumental in getting me into photography as he would often take photos and use them as inspiration for his painting hobby. 

What’s your favorite class on KelbyOne and why?

As far as a favorite class on KelbyOne, there isn’t just one, I have enjoyed all of the landscape classes, night photography, light painting, travel and flower, and macro photography classes as well as PS classes. The KelbyOne instructors have all been so informative and worth watching.

Connect with Janina

Currently, Janina only posts her work on her personal Facebook page and in the KelbyOne community. You’ll have to catch her on there!

Thank you for joining us for another Member Monday! If you haven’t yet, be sure to submit your photos for a chance to receive a Member Monday feature of your own.