Member Monday Featuring Jacob Epelbaum

When Jacob Epelbaum took this incredible photo and posted it to our community, we knew we had to learn more about it. Our KelbyOne members are explorers and travelers, and we love to hear all about their adventures. In Jacob’s case, waking up early absolutely paid off!

Read on to find out the full story behind the scenes of this photo.

About the Photo

Location: Menaggio, Province of Como, Italy

I took this image just after sunrise on a chilly morning in October 2019, while on a family vacation to Italy.  It was a last-minute decision to take a trip, which included Venice for a few days and the remaining time spent in the amazingly beautiful Lake Como region.  Our apartment was right around the corner from where this image was taken, in the heart of Menaggio, couldn’t ask for a better location (wait we did ask for this location :-)).  The evening prior to taking this picture, we walked along the water where I was trying to find a good spot to photograph in the morning.  I found a spot not far from where this picture was taken but looking in the opposite direction.  I woke up early and was outside setting up approximately 60 minutes before sunrise.  

It was a chilly, clear morning without a single cloud in the sky.  I was hoping to have some clouds in the background, but was satisfied with the clear skies and not being rained out as in the days before.  As the sun began to rise and a number of long exposures later, I was getting ready to pack up when I noticed that there was a little bit of fog on the mountain directly behind me.  I had to take one more picture to capture the fog which was present on only this mountain and provided the additional content which I felt would make my vision complete.  I found an open boat ramp which I very quickly relocated to, to capture the last few moments as the sun was coming up.  

Gear and Software

I used a Canon EOS R with an RF 24-105 F4L IS USM. I used Lightroom.

Photography Preferences

Still being a newbie, for now, I enjoy landscape, cityscape and nature portrait/family photography.  

Photography Inspiration

I can’t think of any specific class which served as an inspiration for this image, but watching classes by Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Tracy Sweeney and Irene Rudnyk have been an inspiration to get out and take pictures.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

It would be very hard to pick a favorite class on KelbyOne as I love each one that I’ve watched and rewatched so far.  I enjoy learning from Lightroom and Photoshop classes, Matt Kloskowski’s Landscape Photography class, Scott Kelby’s Travel Photography: Guide to NYC and Capturing the Essence of a City, just to name a few and I’m currently watching Erik Kuna’s Demystifying Photo Pills to better plan those sunrise trips.

If you’re interested in seeing more work from our community check out our Member Monday archives. We’ll see you next week for another featured profile!