As photographers, we’re always looking for the next piece of gear to kick our creativity up a notch and make the overall process smoother. Recently our good friends at Platypod developed a revolutionary ball head unlike any you’ve ever used before. They call it the Platyball.

“So basically they’ve come up with an easier, more accurate way to control your camera on a tripod or a Platypod. […] It is the most accurate ball head you will ever try.”

Scott Kelby

In this field review, Scott Kelby shows you the two versions of the tripod head, the Platyball Elite and the Platyball Ergo.

On top of that, he reveals his pros and cons for the Platyball. Scott also discusses the level of control, the functionality, the ease of use, the quality of the product itself, color options, and so much more.

Here Are a Few Pros from the Video:

  • Easily Adjusted with Accuracy (Can use one-handed)
  • Pan Scheme is Smooth
  • High Build Quality
  • Price
  • And More!

Here Are a Few Cons From the Video:

  • You Need to Read the Manual to Use it
  • It Feels Heavy
  • It Looks Tall

Watch Scott Kelby’s Platyball Field Review above to get the scoop on this unique ball head. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll understand why Scott added this new piece of equipment to his camera bag.

Platyball Special Offer

Save $50 on your Platyball. Sale ends March 15th at 4:50pm EDT.

Platyball Ergo | $199+

Platyball Elite | $249+

To sum it up… The Platyball is a high quality, functional ball head that can make your photography process easier. If this sounds like something you want, we don’t want you to miss your chance to add this awesome piece of gear to your camera bag! Learn more about the Platyball on their website or check out their Kickstarter for more information.