Member Monday Featuring Jack Kosowsky

Jack Kosowsky is one very talented KelbyOne member, and we’d like to introduce you to him. He joined KelbyOne all the way back in our NAPP days in 2002—he’s awesome!

In almost 20 years we’ve seen his work grow and take on a variety of different subjects and styles. His macro photography just keeps getting better and better.

Here’s Jack to share his thoughts on this beautiful flower bed!

About the Photographer

  • Hometown: Hamilton, NJ
  • Years in Photography: Approx. 20 years
  • Years as a KO Member: I originally joined in approx.. 2002 back in the NAPP days. I let my membership lapse in about 2014 and rejoined in 2018.

About the Photo:

  • Title: Standing Out from the Crowd
  • Location: Holland Ridge Farm – Cream Ridge, NJ
  • Any additional description of the photograph: Holland Ridge Farm is this amazing farm where the owner has tried to replicate a Dutch tulip farm.  There are literally 100’s of acres of tulips of every color and variety.  The photo ops there are endless!!
  • Gear/Software Used: This photo was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III & a Canon 70-200 L lens.  f/2.8 1/4000 ISO 100.  I have since upgraded to the 5D Mark IV.
A lily photographed by Jack K.
Photo by Jack Kosowsky

What is one thing you wish you would have known before starting photography?

That I would need to spend time learning to be both artistic and creative.  Once I learned the basics of using the camera, I feel I spent years taking boring photos that were technically sound.  I only feel that in the past few years have my photos become more artistic thanks in large part to all that I have learned from KelbyOne!

Who are some of your role models/mentors?

Well, certainly Scott.  I don’t believe there is any individual out there that has a more well-rounded knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography and his teaching style is second to none!

I’d also add Jay Maisel, Moose Peterson, and Melanie Kern Favilla. 

What is your most treasured piece of photography equipment?

I’ve only had it for a few months but I’d have to say my Canon 100mm f/2.8 L IS lens.  The image stabilization within the lens is incredible and permits me to hand-hold shots I was never able to take with the non-L version.  It has truly become a game-changer for me.

What’s your favorite class on KelbyOne and why?

It’s difficult to name just one but I’d have to say Melanie’s Flower Class.  Melanie’s flower class really got me into flower photography and I still find myself going back to it all the time.

Connect with Jack

Visit Jack via his website, or connect with him on Instagram!

Thanks to Jack for sharing his story with us, we appreciate you!

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