Gram of the Week Featuring @adriantallack

Did you know KelbyOne is based in Oldsmar, Florida? It’s got beautiful sunsets and luscious greenery. What does that have to do with this week’s featured Instagram post? Not much… because even though Oldsmar, Florida has lovely weather, it’s got nothing on some of the landscapes we get to see while scrolling through our Instagram feed.

Want proof? Take a look at this week’s featured Instagram post from @adriantallack. If you don’t recognize where his photo is taken, let us fill you in. Adrian captured this beauty in Banff National Park, a photographer’s dream destination!

Have you ever been to Banff? If not, we’re willing to bet it just made your list of photography trip destinations! It wasn’t until we discovered landscape photographer Ramtin Kazemi that it really made our list.

Ramtin Kazemi is a landscape photographer based out of Canada. He treks WAY out into the wildness and takes photos of places most people wouldn’t dare step foot on. The journey usually involves a small plane, lots of hiking, and some time with mother nature.

Landscape photographer Ramtin Kazemi—KelbyOne photography instructor.

The reason he travels so far our into wildness is because it lets him capture wow-worthy images like the one you see above.

Check out his class, Advanced Landscape Post Processing Techniques, exclusively on KelbyOne, to get an idea of how he creates his work.

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