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Re-Mastering the Healing Brush Tools in Photoshop: De-Mystifying the Diffusion Slider
by Kristina Sherk

I’ll start right off and warn you, this is not a “sexy” subject, but if you’ve ever retouched a face in Adobe Photoshop, you need to learn about this topic. It will tremendously alleviate lots of retouching frustrations, and anything I can do to help you not be discouraged when it comes to using Photoshop is considered a “win” in my book.

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Grids are Essential Photography Tools
By Michael Corsentino

When you think about it, lighting is all about control. By this I mean being able to control exactly where you want light and where you don’t. Grids are one of the top tools in my arsenal for light shaping and control. Grids are placed in front of other modifiers such as softboxes, reflectors, and beauty dishes to further modify the beam of light being created.

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