We’re about halfway through December, if you’re not in the holiday spirit by now, maybe it’s time for some GIVEAWAYS?!

We teamed up with some of our instructors and partners like Dave Williams, Tracy Sweeney, Viktor Fejes, Ramtin Kazemi, Photopills, and more—to come up with giveaways for the next 12 days. 

Starting today, Pro members will see something new in the Creative Toolkit each day until December 24, 2019. 

Are you saying to yourself “I want to be a Pro!” “I want freebies too!”? Don’t fret. In the true magic of Christmas, the elves here at the K.O. workshop are offering our Pro Annual membership at a low price of $159 from now until Dec. 25th. Join now to get in on all the Christmas freebies.

To see an updated description of the presents we’ve released to date, check out the Creative Toolkit or come back here to the KelbyOne Insider. Now let the gift-giving begin!

Day 1:  Holiday Text Overlays

Try Tracy’s 12 different text overlays on for size, and add some ‘pizzaz’ to your holiday graphics! Add a dash of ‘Merry Christmas’, a sprinkle of ‘Happy Holidays’, and top it off with a ‘Falalalala’! Start creating—get your downloads from the Toolkit.

Day 2: 10 Minute Lightroom Tutorial

Take a 10-minute video tutorial with Ramtin Kazemi and you’ll see how to make next-level images in just a few clicks. Learn tone curves, split toning, masks, and more. Access this video now!

Day 3: Milky Way Photography eBook + Bonus Offer from MSM

For Day 3, we’ve got a two-parter! Grab your free eBOOK from Photopills in the toolkit. You’ll be mesmerizing reading about how to capture hypnotic star trails, and awe-inspiring Milky Way shots!

Move Shoot Move is offering their 2-in-1 star tracker, designed to rotate opposite to earth and follow the stars. Use code K1 to save 20%!. Claim these giveaways!

Day 4: Travel Photography Composition eBook

Next up: a free eBook from Dave Williams! Composition is one of the most important elements of photography. He’ll go over depth, framing, rule of thirds, the golden number, and more! Head on over to the Creative Toolkit to find your gift.

Day 5: Black & White LUTs

Instructor and Professional Retoucher, Vikor Fejes created these BEAUTIFUL B&W LUTs—just for our KelbyOne Pro Members! Go to the toolkit to download yours now.

Day 6: The Candid Frame Street Photography eBook

We’re halfway there! Learn everything you need to know to achieve amazing results with your street photography in this eBook by street photographer, Ibarionix Perello. Head on over to the Toolkit to find out how to claim yours.

Day 7: Frank Doorhof’s Lightroom Presets

On the seventh day of Christmas, KelbyOne gave to me—Lightroom Presets from Frank Doorhof! An exclusive preset pack, designed to showcase cool vintage looks, lens emulations, black and white conversions, and more! Download them here.

Day 8: 101 Photoshop Hidden Gems and Tips & Tricks eBook 

We’re eight days in—and today’s giveaway has some knowledge packed in! Learn 101 Photoshop tips from photographer & designer Victoria Pavlov. Regardless of your skill level, you will be amazed at the tricks you’ll takeaway. Go check your Toolkit!

Day 9: Compositing Video Tutorial

Join Mark Heaps for this quick 6-minute compositing tutorial focusing on ‘Blend If’ sliders. Yes—in less than 7 minutes, you can create a simple composite! This video can be found in your Toolkit!

Day 10: Lightroom & Camera Raw Milky Way Presets

These ten presets are designed to enhance the look of your single exposure shots of the Milky Way, giving you a springboard to do local adjustments and noise removal techniques. Download the presets and start creating!

Day 11: Lightroom Photo Album Template

Create better family photos with Elena S. Blair’s Family Posing Guide and give your photos an extra boost with Kristina Sherk’s Skin Retouching Actions. Download your freebies now!

Day 12: Break the Rules Like a Pro eBook

Once you learn the rules, it’s time to break them! Join Jackie Kramer on a journey to better your images by thinking outside the rules. Head on over to the Creative Toolkit for our final giveaway.

We hope that everybody is having a very Happy Holiday season!