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Managing your Lightroom Catalogs for Travel and More

By Rob Sylvan The Lightroom catalog file is where all the work you do in Lightroom is stored. There may be times when you need to create a smaller version of your main working catalog to take on a trip and continue working, or perhaps to show to a client on location, and then be able to merge that catalog back into your master catalog again. The same process can be helpful for anyone who may have created multiple catalogs for other reasons and now wishes to merge the data contained within them into a single catalog. All of...

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How Typekit Works

One of the most under-utilized perks of a Creative Cloud subscription is access to Typekit, an online service Adobe acquired in 2011 that lets you access fonts for use on your computer and on websites. In this column, you’ll learn exactly how Typekit works and how you can access Typekit fonts in Photoshop.

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