You don’t have to travel internationally to see some of the grandest, breath-taking places on earth. The U.S. is home to a variety of natural forests, desert landscapes, and ocean views. If you’re location scouting for your next photo trip, start here!

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Get ready to feel some serious wanderlust and create your travel goals!

1. The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast has some of the most beautiful views in all of America. From lighthouses, rock formations, and water features—what more could you want in a destination? We highly recommend taking a trip here to see it all for yourself.

For example, check out this shot taken at Thor’s Well.

Photo by: Scott Kelby

Imagine the shots you would get, just waiting for the sun to set. So peaceful! Like this next photo taken at Seal Rock Beach.

Photo by: Scott Kelby

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is not only a beautiful getaway attraction, but it is also home to a quaint bed and breakfast.

Photo by: Scott Kelby

The Pacific Northwest doesn’t get enough credit for their wonderful coastline, so we hope you’ll visit—and come back with amazing photos to share!

2. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, known for its gorgeous beaches and ski resorts. This makes it a perfect destination, year-round!

Over the years, we’ve seen so many incredible photographs taken at Lake Tahoe, but here are a few of our favorites.

Lake Tahoe, California
Photo by: Karen Hutton

Since this lake straddles state lines, you have the choice of visiting either the Nevada or California side.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Photo by: Scott Kelby

The photo below was taken at Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We love finding a bit of peaceful stillness in such a popular destination.

Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
Photo by: Scott Kelby

3. Utah

Next up is the state of Utah. We couldn’t pick just one place in Utah that you should visit, so we’ll have to settle for our top 3!

The American West is known for these picturesque red rocks, and we love it! This photo was taken in Moab, Utah—check it out.

Moab, Utah
Photo by: Scott Kelby

While you’re in Utah, make it a point to stop at Zion National Park, specifically Bryce Canyon—you won’t be disappointed!

Photo by: Rick Sammon
Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park
Photo by: Scott Kelby

Monument Valley, Zion National Park, and Moab Utah are all photo-worthy destinations. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see in-person!

4. Antelope Canyon

Arizona Antelope Canyon
Photo by: Scott Kelby

If you don’t know about Antelope Canyon in Arizona, have you been living under a rock?! (Get it, rocks…)

Arizona Antelope Canyon
Photo by: Dave Williams

The slots are an iconic location that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Arizona Antelope Canyon
Photo by: Dave Williams

While you’re planning your trip, read some of Dave Williams’ Pro Tips for Shooting the Slots.

*Note: Antelope Canyon is overseen by the Navajo Nation and is not available for tours at this time. More information on park closures can be found here.

Get out there and have an adventure!

5. Yellowstone

Photo by: Rick Sammon

Whether you’re into landscapes and nature or some of the most exquisite wildlife on the planet, look no further than Yellowstone.

Photo by: Rick Sammon
Photo by: Mark Heaps

Grand mountains, lush forests, and bison aplenty—photo subjects are everywhere in Yellowstone. Check out Rick Sammon’s class ‘Uncovering The Magic of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons’ for a full travel guide from our resident expert!

6. New York

Photo by: Scott Kelby

The big apple, specifically the skyline has some of the most breathtaking city views we’ve ever seen.

Photo by: Scott Kelby
'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass'
Photo by: Scott Kelby

While you’re there, make sure you check out DUMBO. That’s ‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’—where this shot was taken.

Scott put together a list of his favorite locations to shoot in New York, so pack his guide when you go!

7. Grand Canyon

Last but certainly not least. The beautiful Grand Canyon is one of our nation’s greatest treasures. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to stand near the edge of this incredible canyon.

Photo by: Erik Kuna
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

With the lack of light pollution, Grand Canyon National Park makes for the perfect place to catch the Milky Way. This shot comes from Erik Kuna’s ‘Demystifying Milky Way Landscape Photography’—a great class!

Erik Kuna

We hope you’ll go see this vast natural wonder for yourself! From sea to shining sea, isn’t this great land beautiful?

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