Another awesome class from Marc Silber, coming your way! Even once you’ve learned how to take tack sharp images, the composition is key to an excellent photograph. This course will teach you how to focus on patterns, framing, and lines that guide the eye.

Using a number of examples, diagrams, and photographs, Marc illustrates each tool and technique with incredible detail.

What’s inside this class? Check out the lessons below!

Course Overview:

  1. Introduction
  2. Framing
  3. Geometry
  4. Punctuation Points
  5. The L Shape
  6. Look for Patterns
  7. Triangle Composition
  8. Distance to the Subject
  9. Mood Lines: Part 1
  10. Mood Lines: Part 2
  11. Mood Lines: Part 3
  12. Mood Lines: Part 4
  13. Final Tips

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Marc Silber

Marc is an author, photographer, filmmaker, and producer. He started out studying in the darkroom and learning photography at the Peninsula School in CA, and moved on to hone his skills to professional standards at the San Francisco Art Institute. Naturally—since Marc’s greatest joy comes from helping others—he began teaching workshops and became renowned as an engaging and helpful speaker/coach.