From Episode 580 of Our Weekly Photography Talk Show, The Grid

Join Scott Kelby as he spills the beans on when and why you should choose your iPhone over your trusty mirrorless camera. In this eye-opening video, Scott shares his insights on the unique advantages of using your iPhone for certain photography scenarios. From hassle-free time-lapses to mind-blowing nighttime functions, discover how your iPhone can be a game-changer in your photography toolkit. Whether you’re a casual shooter or a seasoned enthusiast, Scott’s tips will help you navigate the world of iPhone photography with confidence and creativity!

Head over to YouTube to view the full episode, “Platypod on “Tapp” with Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, Eddie Tapp & Dr. T.” Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna discuss the nuances of using an iPhone versus a DSLR mirrorless camera, examining features such as time-lapse, panoramic capabilities, and night mode. They introduce the new Platypod Grip for better iPhone photography and showcase the work of renowned photographer Eddie Tapp.