Today, it’s all about LIGHT! We’ve rounded up the top 10 lighting and flash classes as voted by KelbyOne member views. We’re going through this list in a flash—so hold on tight! 💡📸

1. Photo Recipes: Dramatic Light

🌟 We’re glowing with pride over this number one class🌟 Cook up a few photo recipes using dramatic light with Scott Kelby! You’ll learn the full process, from the initial setup to the subject direction to the retouching of your best photos. Scott also shares additional tips and tricks to help you nail the shot when you try it on your own. Watch it now!

2. Just One Flash

Even more awesome tips to practice your mastery of lighting with Scott Kelby! In this course, Scott shares all the things he’s learned over time—the settings you’ll use, how to control your flash wirelessly, how to diffuse the light, and how to do it all without breaking the bank.

3. Creating Breathtaking Floral Images

Melanie Kern-Favilla shares her secrets for creating stunning and dramatic still life photographs using natural light. In this class, you’ll learn how to recognize qualities of light, what gear is needed, how to create your own props and light modifiers, and more. These lighting techniques can be applied to any still life subject, and it’ll turn out great! Get to watching this incredible class!

4. Photo Recipes: Beauty Headshots

These very popular beauty lighting looks are easy to pull off and work for both men and women. Scott shows the light modifiers you’ll need, how to position them, and how to work with your subjects to nail the shots you need. Check out this course by Scott Kelby!

5. Mastering the Natural Light Portrait: Post Processing

Get ready to learn all about post-processing a natural light portrait—different techniques for reducing distractions and making the face the most eye-catching part of the photo. Scott teaches you how to analyze the photo, plan your approach, and get the most out of what Lightroom and Photoshop have to offer.

6. From Flat to Flattering: Lighting Tricks from a Hollywood Set

Join Mike Kubeisy as he shows you a new way to think about lighting your subjects. You can learn how to add a third dimension to your photographs by controlling your lighting to add depth, introduce texture, and make your subjects look fantastic!

7. Just One More Flash

Building on the foundation you gained in Just One Flash, Scott teaches you the why, when, and how of adding a second flash to your Speedlight setup. Whether you want to create separation between your subject and the background, add a fill light to your subject, or change the look of the background itself, you’ll be amazed at all the great things you can do with a second flash. Start “Just One More Flash” with Scott Kelby now!

8. Mastering the Natural Light Portrait

Similar to #5 on our list, this class with Scott Kelby covers the photoshoot itself! You’ll walk through the planning to post-processing stages. Scott discusses his go-to lenses and camera settings to capture natural light and then discusses a variety of different lighting scenarios and offers tips on how to work with and modify it.

9. Mastering Headshot Photography

SHABANG—up next is Peter Hurley! Mastering Headshot Photography isn’t about the technical aspects of lighting or gear, instead, it’s all about learning how to pull expression out of your subject. It all comes down to the communication between you and your subject, and you’re the one responsible for making it happen.

10. Lightpainting: Macro, Models, and Outdoor Location Portrait

You may know Dave Black as a sports photographer, but he has taken the art of lightpainting to new levels from years of practice, experimenting, and getting creative. Dave begins the class with a daytime walk scouting for small world subjects to photograph and then takes you step-by-step through his process for lightpainting small world scenes in daylight.

We hope you enjoyed our countdown of the top 10 most viewed lighting and flash offered by KelbyOne! Did you find a new favorite or a technique that stuck out to you? Let us know on Twitter @KelbyOne!