Member Monday Featuring Chris Locklear

This photo originally caught our eye during the Rule of Thirds Member Challenge, and we knew we had to get the full story. We love the deep blue and purple tones that bring the sky and the bridge together.

So, here to explain his image is featured member, Chris Locklear!

About the Photo

So this is the Ben Franklin Bridge looking from Camden, NJ into Philadelphia just before sunset. I jokingly call this one ‘Ben Franklin Crossing the Delaware’ as a play on George Washington (and the lack of any other original title ideas!).

I actually went out there that evening to catch the sunset with both my DSLR as well as my Phantom 4 Pro drone. It started out as a perfect evening with a few clouds that promised great colors at sunset, but as we all know, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate and by the time I got there, more clouds had rolled in and hidden the sunset. 

I still had a great time, captured some great photos with both the drone and the DSLR and made a trip into the city to get some nighttime long exposure photos.

Gear and Software

This photo was taken with a Canon 80D with an EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens.  The camera was mounted on a Dolica Proline GX tripod with a remote shutter release.  Some color enhancement was made with Lightroom.

Photography Preferences

I started my photography hobby about a year ago and have found that my favorite things to photograph are landscapes and cityscapes. I think there is so much beauty out there that we often overlook in our everyday hustle.  Taking the photos is my way of slowing down and taking the time to see the small things we miss and share it with those who enjoy my pictures.

Photography Inspiration

I wasn’t inspired by any class to take the photo, but the classes have definitely given me the inspiration to get out there and try new things. 

Favorite KelbyOne Classes

There have been many online courses that I have enjoyed, but my favorite was the in-person seminar that Scott Kelby hosted in Philadelphia not long ago. Getting to meet him in person, ask him questions and tapping into his energy seems to renew my passion to take photographs whenever I feel as if I’ve fallen into a slump.

Connect with Chris

I have a Facebook page, fireboot photography, that I post some of my pictures on, but the majority of the photos that I like to share are on my Instagram @fireboot54.

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