This tip is so simple, you may have missed it. When you add text, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to align it center, left, or right without leaving the keyboard? You know what a big slowdown it is to reach for the mouse while typing. If you press Command-Shift-L (PC: Ctrl-Shift-L), it will align your text to the left; press Command-Shift-R (PC: Ctrl-Shift-R) to align right; and, you guessed it, press Command-Shift-C (PC: Ctrl-Shift-C) to center the text. While you’re at it, highlight the text, and add the < or > symbol to the Command-Shift (PC: Ctrl-Shift) keys to change the size of the text. 

This tip previously published in Colin Smith’s Photoshop Tips column, in the March, 2020 issue of Photoshop User magazine.