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Escape To A Surreal Sci-Fi Storybook Dreamscape
by Kirk Nelson

Ever get lost in a good book? Ever get so lost that it feels like you’re immersed in a totally different environment that barely even resembles our own world? There is perhaps no more escapist form of entertainment than a novel you just can’t put down. In this project, we attempt to visualize that surreal, almost dreamlike, experience of losing yourself in a vivid sci-fi dreamscape. 

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Processing Realistic Starscapes
By Sean Arbabi

Creating stunning nightscapes with the goal of realism for the final image file not only comes from your experience of how these scenes appear through a pair of human eyes, but also how contrast, exposure, light, and detail manifest during these hours of darkness. Learn some of the challenges you may face documenting a extremely low-lit scene, and how to process your image file to maximize the detail and tones captured.

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