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How to Create the Desaturated Urban Look
by Serge Ramelli

A lot of people like to create their own style, while some may be inspired by images on 500px.com or Instagram looks. Here, we’re going to create the famous desaturated urban look. You’ve probably seen this style in photos all over social media, where there’s no detail in the sky, the blacks are really dark, and there’s not too much saturation—or sometimes there’s just undertones of reds or yellows.

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Keeping Lightroom Files in Check
By Rob Sylvan

As Lightroom users, we focus on the job Lightroom does with our photos, both in terms of managing and processing them, but it’s worth taking a moment to think about the footprint that the Lightroom-related files leaves on our computers, which when left unchecked, only continues to grow over time.

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