Schools are starting back soon and Fall will be here before you know it, which means… SPORTS! Which also means… SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY!

So maybe you like to go to pro-games, or maybe you’ve got a child in pee wee sports, or maybe you were hired to take some professional portraits of local athletes. Whatever the case, we’ve got a sports photography class for you.

Sports Photography: Make Your Pee Wees Look Like Pros with Rob Foldy

Professional sports photographer, Rob Foldy shows you how to use the the equipment you’ve got—could be a DSLR or it could be a cell phone—to capture an image that makes your subjects proud. Start learning from Rob Foldy now! 

Shooting Sports Physiques on Location with Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis goes on location to a boxing gym to teach you how to photography a variety of muscular physiques for wow-worthy photographs. He’ll walk you through 5 different lighting setups while sharing some tips and tricks for getting the best angles in tight spaces. Watch Glyn Dewis here!

Shooting Sports Physiques on Location: Post Production with Glyn Dewis

Now that you’ve photographed your athletes, it’s time to edit those photos, so they look true and realistic. Learn how to edit with Glyn Dewis!

Lightroom Sports Photography Workflow with Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby has been photographing sports for years and over the years he’s developed a Lightroom workflow process that’ll keep images organized, help you decide which images are keepers, and more. Get start with Scott Kelby!

What Makes a Great Sports Photo with Peter Read Miller

Shooting sports isn’t easy. There’s people everywhere and lots of weird angles. In this course, Peter Read Miller, legendary Sports Illustrated photographer, demonstrates the best shooting positions, shows you what lens to use, as well as the key elements that separate winning photos from losing photos. Learn from Peter Read Miller now! 

Want to learn from Peter Read Miller and in person? Knoxville Tennessee and surrounding area residents are in luck! Peter Read Miller will be in the area September 20-24, 2017 to teach an On Location Sports Photography Workshop with fellow photographers Greg Cooper and Steve Fine. Visit his website to get pricing and details on the event.