We actually launched the book last night with a live “Book Chat” (now kind of a tradition) where I talked about the book, how it works, and revealed the basis of “The System” through a series of tutorials, and I’ve embedded the whole book chat below, in case you get a chance to check it out.

These Book Chats are fun and very informal, but there’s a lot of cool Lightroom stuff, too. My publisher literally gave 50% deals on the book (in print or ebook or both), and the deals are good all week (here’s the link).

You can also order it direct from Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.com

Thanks for giving that a look — hope you found it helpful. Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll catch ya next week. 🙂

About the Book

Get ready to learn “The System” crafted by world-renowned Lightroom expert Scott Kelby. This is a new way of working and thinking about editing your images that will change the way you work in Lightroom forever,
so you’ll spend less time fixing your photos and more time finishing them, and doing the fun, creative things that make Lightroom the amazing tool that it is. This isn’t a “read about it” book. This is a hands-on “you do it”
book. You start each lesson with the RAW photo, right out of the camera (you can download Scott’s images, so you can follow right along). Then, you’re going to apply the 7-Point System, until these seven points are absolutely second nature to you. Once you learn this system, there won’t be an image on your screen that you won’t be able to enhance, fix, edit, and finish like a pro! This is the book you’ve been waiting for—the industry has been waiting for—and once you learn this system and start applying it yourself, you’ll be the next one to say, “You can’t beat the system!”

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