Button-Free Wireless Flash Trigger 

Review by Michael Corsentino 

Profoto’s new Profoto Connect, a button-free, wireless, flash trigger is fast, easy, and simple to use. With its many key features for when you’re new to flash or on the go, this trigger is the perfect, intimidation-free entry point for photographers who are interested in incorporating flash into their image making. Profoto Connect is small and weighs only 1.5 oz. With its button-free simplicity, all you do is pop it into your camera’s hot shoe, choose from three settings (Auto, Manual, or Off), and you’re instantly making beautiful, natural-looking images with flash. 

When set to Auto, Profoto Connect automatically calculates the distance between your strobe and subject, adjusting flash power as needed, and delivering perfect exposures every time. Manual mode provides triggering with full exposure control via the Profoto iPhone app—simple! When Connect detects shutter speeds above the camera’s flash sync speed, it automatically switches the flash into high-speed sync (HSS) mode.

To fine-tune the balance between flash and ambient, simply use the companion Profoto iPhone app or your camera’s Flash Exposure Compensation setting. The Profoto app, available for iPhone 7 (and later), running iOS 11 (and later), is required for full control of Profoto Connect and for making firmware upgrades. Connect is compatible with all Profoto digital mono heads, such as A1, B1, B1X, B10, D1, D2, as well as all Profoto digital pack and head systems. 

Profoto Connect currently has eight radio channels and one lighting group from which to choose—both features are scheduled to have more in forthcoming firmware updates. If more groups are important to you, Profoto assures me they’re on the way! In addition to radio channels, Profoto Connect includes a unique ID-naming feature that provides extra protection against unwanted triggering interference from other photographers. Operating range for normal flash sync and remote control is up to 1000′, and Auto (TTL) and HSS up to 330′. Radio range is also adjustable via the Profoto app, when needed. 

For full functionality, you’ll need a Profoto Connect trigger compatible with your particular camera brand. Models are available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Olympus. In a pinch, any Profoto Connect model can also be used with any camera brand as a manual-only trigger! Profoto Connect includes a built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery with 30 hours of battery life, and it ships with a charging cable (USB-C to USB-A) and protective case. ■