Fine-tune your Lights and Shadows

Review by Fernando Santos

If you’re like me, you can never have enough light-shaping tools. Controlling light and shadow is both a science and an art, and the Impact PortaFrame Scrim Flag Kit will add a lot to your bag of tricks. Let me tell you up front that this isn’t a product for the casual photographer: You need to have your lights, c-stands, grip heads, or similar equipment, to be able to take full advantage of this Scrim Flag Kit. Let’s see what’s in it. 

Your kit will come in a strong nylon carrying bag that you can use for transport and storage. Inside the bag you’ll find five strong metal frames, sized 24×36″ (roughly 60x90cm). When not in use, the frames can be folded easily for space-saving purposes. You’ll get five fabric modifiers: two diffusion silks, a 1-stop and a 2-stop; a single and double net to reduce light; and a black flag to block the light. As well as those five modifiers, the kit includes two 4×14″ fingers and two 6″ dots (both in black and single net), to use when you need light control at a much smaller scale. That’s a lot to pack into just one bag and, if you use flash, you should consider adding this to your kit. 

Materials are strong enough for daily usage in a studio but, just like with everything else, delicate fabric materials can only take a certain amount of abuse. The frames are quite strong and work well. The fabrics are color-coded to industry standards so that you can easily find which one you need.

Basically, I couldn’t identify anything to complain about. The Impact PortaFrame Scrim Flag Kit is a product that I’d recommend.