Compact Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Review by Dave Williams

Coming head-to-head with the likes of the DJI Mic and the Røde Wireless Go 2 is the Hollyland Technology Lark C1 wireless mic, a flexible and dependable option for recording high-quality audio. We’ll start by discussing the design. The Lark C1 microphones are discrete, light, and tiny, which makes them perfect for a range of shooting scenarios. The receiver device may be put on a camera or tripod, while the transmitter units feature clips that make them simple to attach to clothes or other accessories. The audio quality, though, steals the show. The Lark C1 microphone records crisp, clear sound that’s free from interference and background noise, with a frequency range of 20Hz–20kHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 78 dB. Also, it can catch audio from a distance of up to 650′ (200m), thanks to its large maximum range. 

The straightforward pairing method and clear OLED display on the receiver unit, which provides you all the information you need, make setting up the Lark C1 microphone a breeze. To get the ideal audio levels for your shot, you may select from a variety of channels and modify the gain. With up to 32 hours of battery life on a single charge (which is good), and a case that doubles as a charger, the mic comes in two versions: iOS (for iPhones and other iOS devices with a Lightning interface) and Android (for Android phones with USB-C connections). The Lark C1 mic definitely has certain limitations, but no device is flawless. The only issues I found were the aesthetics, and a slight fuzziness in transmission when the charge was low. On the plus side, there’s one-button Active Noise Cancellation that works well. Ultimately, choosing the Lark C1 mic isn’t a bad idea at around half the price of both the DJI Mic and the Røde Wireless Go 2. 

The Hollyland Technology Lark C1 wireless mic is absolutely something to think about if you’re a videographer or photographer who wants top-notch wireless audio quality. It’s simple to use, provides excellent quality overall, and allows you the freedom you need to record audio at a distance.