Tiny Useful Ballhead that Can Be Used for Camera Accessories

Review by Fernando Santos

It may be hard to guess just by its name, Quick-Tilt Microphone Adapter, but what if I tell you this is a very small ballhead with a $19.99 price tag that you can use for your photography? 

How many times have you wanted to set up some speedlights, modifiers, and maybe a very small reflector, and you wished you had a ballhead that you could use for positioning it? Typical tripod ballheads can be expensive, from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars; however, there are inexpensive items that you can use from other industries that will solve your photography problem. That’s exactly what you can do with this item from Gravity. 

I have used small inexpensive ballheads to place items that I need to adjust easily (speedlights, for example), but even the cheap ones cost at least twice the price of this Gravity model. Made from aluminum and steel, it was conceived to orient microphones in any possible way. It has a 3/8″ thread and includes an adapter to 1/4″, making it perfect to use by photographers, because we use those two sizes all the time. 

This is not a ballhead I’d recommend for a full-sized camera body. It could be done, if your camera and lens combination is exceptionally light; but I’d use it mostly for positioning speedlights and LED lights. There’s no clamp, so you have to attach and eventually adapt the 3/8″ thread to whatever you want to attach to it, but again, that should be very easy to do. 

At just $19.99, the Gravity Quick-Tilt Microphone Adapter is worth its price. I even keep a couple of them in my home studio because I can always find a use for them.