Ultra-Thin, Portable Touchscreen Monitor

Review by Dave Williams

espresso has changed the display market with its 15″ Display, “the world’s thinnest portable monitor.” This display is comparable in thickness to an iPad, and is remarkably similar in functionality, too. The espresso 15″ Display is a 15.6″ portable monitor (14.1×10.1″) that weighs only 2 lbs. It’s only 0.2″ thick, and it even has built-in speakers. 

I thought the espresso Display would be similar to an iPad in Sidecar mode, but it’s far better than that. It’s like having a high-quality monitor and graphics tablet in one; and having an extra screen is great for productivity. The Premium Bundle includes a stand, carrying case, pen, and screen cover called Creator, which offers a paper-like feel. The pen is also charged by USB-C, and features a Right-click button. It’s very precise and works well when retouching with Adobe Photoshop, just one of the supported apps. 

The screen is 1080p, with a brightness of 300 nits, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and it offers 16.2m colors. For color-critical work, the espresso Display isn’t perfect, but it’s a fantastic second monitor. Bundled with the driver is espressoFlow, which allows users to organize their workspace and control their display arrangement and settings all in one place. The technical aspects are great, but the best part is the touchscreen. Somehow the screen just doesn’t collect fingerprints, and having touchscreen capabilities on my MacBook Pro is a game changer. 

The espresso 15″ Display has become a permanent fixture on my desk, and it’s a travel tool that I didn’t know I needed. The ultimate use for the espresso Display is as a second monitor and graphics pen tablet for those who want to be productive when they travel; although it fits just fine in a static home office. The espresso 15″ Display is the epitome of portable displays: an astonishing tool you never knew you were missing.