Versatile and Functional Travel Tripod

Review by Gilmar Smith

3 Legged Thing recently launched three new tripods, one of which, named Bucky, I’ve been testing for the last two months. Bucky is a lightweight travel tripod loaded with lots of excellent features. Weighing only 3.35 lbs, it goes as tall as 74.4″ (1.34′ folded), and has a load capacity of 66 lbs. 

I’m familiar with 3 Legged Thing tripods as I own a Leo, my main tripod for the last three years, and a Billy. One of the features that would make Bucky take Leo’s place in my book is that Bucky has a maximum height of 74.4″ compared to Leo’s 51.6″, and Bucky weighs 20% less! 

What makes this new tripod a winner is its versatility: Bucky’s legs are detachable, so it can be used as a monopod, boom arm, extension arm, or light stand; you name it! Bucky can also be transformed into a tabletop tripod by removing its legs and adding 3 Legged Thing Bootz (footwear, sold separately). The tripod’s center column is reversible and removable; you can use it as a monopod or light boom while still having a working tripod! 

When you shop for a tripod, some of the essential features you need to be on the lookout for are stability, functionality, versatility, and reliability. The Bucky tripod’s leg grips come with four joints with strong anti-rotation locks that prevent the legs from accidental rotation. Its improved rapid-latch levers make it a lot easier to change the legs’ angles without compromising their functionality. 

3 Legged thing tripods are known for their outstanding design, aesthetic, and distinctive color scheme. Bucky comes in two options: Gray and Bronze. It’s also offered as a Kit, with the AirHed VU, their new innovative ball head that features a window to view its inner mechanism. ■