Now Sony Users can Remotely Control their Profoto Strobes

Review by Michael Corsentino

The wait is finally over for Sony mirrorless camera owners who’ve been waiting for a Sony-compatible Profoto Air Remote. The Profoto Air Remote TTL-S brings the long-anticipated TTL wireless control for Air-enabled Profoto packs and strobes that Canon and Nikon users have been enjoying to the following Sony camera models: Sony Alpha a7 II, Sony Alpha a7R II, and Sony Alpha a7S II.

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-S allows Sony camera owners to wirelessly integrate their AirTTL Profoto strobes. Simply attach the Air Remote TTL-S to the camera’s hot shoe and you’re ready for perfect point-and-shoot TTL exposures right off the bat! That’s the beauty of TTL.

If you want additional control, the Profoto Air Remote TTL-S also offers a Hybrid Mode, which allows users to first obtain a proper exposure via TTL and then switch over to manual mode to make desired creative adjustments. This combination delivers the best of both worlds, making it possible for you to work intuitively and quickly while still remaining in full control creatively. And if you’re old school like me, the Profoto Air Remote TTL-S can also be used for full manual control.

One of the really exciting features included in Profoto Air Remote TTL is Profoto’s patent-pending High-Speed Sync (HSS) technology. The HSS not only allows you to combine flash, daylight, and wide-open apertures, but it’s fast enough for today’s high-speed cameras, and one of the most consistent HSS solutions available.

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-S sports an impressive 1,000′ wireless range, is approved for worldwide use with its 2.4-GHz frequency band, and includes a USB port for future firmware updates.