Parents want real, authentic photos of their kids and that’s exactly what Tracy Sweeney teaches you to create in this new class about photographing siblings. Dive in and discover the intricacies of planning versus creative freedom while in a photo session. Watch and discover how you can capture the moments that become their childhood narrative.

Here’s a quick overview of what Tracy covers in the class:

  • Planning a Sibling Session
  • Managing Expectations
  • Meeting the Children
  • Movement, Connectivity, and Emotion
  • The Parent Money Shot
  • The In-between Shots
  • Location Shoot in the Rain: Part 1
  • Location Shoot in the Rain: Part 2
  • Location Shoot on the Doc
  • Location Shoot in a Garden
  • Photo Review and Post Processing
  • Start watching “Family Photography: Pro Tips for Getting Great Sibling Shots.”

    Tracy Sweeney

    Tracy Sweeney, owner/photographer of Elan Studio, is an award-winning child, family, and commercial photographer. Tracy loves capturing simple, candid moments, the indelible beauty of new beginnings and life. Her work has been featured in Click Magazine, Digital Professional Photographer, Buy Buy Baby, and Target Stores. She is also an educator with a Masters Degree in Education and Doctoral work in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology.