We recently challenged KelbyOne Pro members to get wet and create a water themed photograph. We saw a variety of shots—from reflections, to waterfalls, to splashes, and more. We were NOT disappointed with the results.

However, there could be only one winner. Which is why we’re giving a big shoutout to Darryl Hendricks. Congrats Darryl! He stole first place with this fantastical creation (photo seen above). We fell in love with the bright, vivid colors, as well as the energy captured in the frame.

Darryl had some big competition as well though—check out second place’s photo captured by Kathy Pantling. (Image seen below).

Those photos weren’t the only ones that caught our eyes. We have three honorable mentions we think you should take a look at. Starting from top to bottom these photos were created by Mike Leber, Alan Barker, and Samantha Kennedy.

Talk about some wonderful water shots! To see all of the entries we voted on, head on over to the Community and check out the Member Challenge 25 | Water thread.

Want a chance to show off your work? Keep an eye out for our next Member Challenge—we announce the contest here on the KelbyOne Insider as well as on our Community. We’ll announce the new challenge on December 21st, so make sure to check back for more details!