Learn the advanced post processing techniques Ramtin Kazemi uses to create his jaw-dropping photographs.

In this class, Ramtin will take you step-by-step through the process of creating vertical panoramas, color adjustments, selective contrast adjustments, adding those final touches like sun rays and atmosphere, and more.


Here’s what you can expect Ramtin to cover in the class:
1. Vertical Panorama
2. Color Adjustments and Luminosity Masking
3. Selective Contrast Adjustments
4. Color Correction and Dodging and Burning
5. Adding Sun Rays and Atmosphere
6. Adding Final Touches


Try these editing techniques on your photos—get started with Ramtin Kazemi’s Advanced Landscape Post Processing Techniques.

Ramtin Kazemi

Ramtin started photography as a hobby. Even though he holds a degree from Recording Arts Canada and has a background in music and audio, he quickly realized that the audio industry wasn’t for him. He needed to please the crowd! After picking up his first camera, he fell in love with photography – especially photographing the outdoors. His passion for adventure in the wilderness and pristine landscapes is the driving factor behind his photography. For as long as he can remember, nature has been a big part of his life and he feels his life would be void without the influence of the wilderness.