Member Monday Featuring Travis Patenaude

This week’s Member Monday gets a little serious but the story comes out on the other side with an inspiring takeaway.

Travis Patenaude celebrates his passion for photography and dogs with his work. He even started an adoption group to help even more animals, which is incredible!

Read about how his journey unfolded below.

About the Photo

In October of 2012, I was dealing with a very dark depression and came very close to hanging myself in my garage. I luckily was able to stop myself. A week later my wife and I adopted a very scared Spanish Greyhound whose owner was going to hang her in a tree because she was no longer useful to him. The irony was not lost on me.

I spent months working with her to help her learn to trust people again, and because of this, I forgot about my depression. She literally saved my life. She passed away in April of 2015. Now when I find myself in darkness, I think about her and I can feel her next to me comforting me. This is to honor her and to thank her.  Leena is the reason My wife and I started an adoption group for the Hunting Dogs of Spain, and I took up photography to tell their story through Photography.

Gear and Software

This was shot with three lights.  Godox AD200 in a parabolic above the subjects as main light, AD600 in a Westcott 7’ umbrella as a fill light and Godox AD200 with grids as the spotlight.  I also used a fog machine to create a haze.  Post-processing was done in Photoshop as 5 images were used to create the image.  I also used Nic color fx.

Photography Preferences

I love the storytelling in images.  I’m not a good writer and it can be hard for me to put my thoughts into words.  Photography has allowed me to share with people how I see these dogs through my eyes and the connection I have with them. A photograph can be just as powerful as the written word and break through language barriers.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

Joe McNally – Creative lighting for Photographers.  Joe is such a master of lighting and how he uses lights to add to the story and lead the viewer through the image.

Chris Knight – The art of subtracting light.  Chris is not only a great photographer but he is an amazing teacher. Chris has a way of explaining how to create shadows and control them which adds to the drama of the image.

Connect with Travis

You can find more work from Travis on his Instagram. His animal rescue efforts are proudly on display, with tons of adorable pups!

If you’re interested in meeting more community featured photographers, check out our Member Monday archives. We’ll see you next Monday to meet another incredibly talented photographer!