Member Monday Featuring Ron Pankey

Happy Member Monday!

Today we’re talking to North Carolina-based, longtime photography enthusiast Ron Pankey about his photo taken at Crabtree falls. We love the crashing streams of water, we can almost hear it through the photo!

Ron, take it away!

About the Photographer

  • Hometown: raised in Memphis, TN, now based in Western North Carolina
  • Years in Photography: Mostly in for 60 years, but several periods of absence.
  • Years as a KO Member: I had been peeking in the back door for several years and became Pro in April of 2020.

About the Photo:

  • Title: Crabtree Falls
  • Location: Off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Little Switzerland, NC
  • Any additional description of the photograph: A 45-minute hike in and an hour plus out. One of the challenges of waterfall shots is the size perspective. If one looks to the left side of the falls you can see a man standing and realize the height of the falls.
  • Gear/Software Used: Canon 90D, 14mm (10-18mm), 100 ISO, HDR, ND filter 6, 6 sec st f/10, tripod, Lightroom Classic, and a couple of towels.

Describe your creative style in 3 words

Being developed, resurrected.

Tell us about a time you struggled or failed with your photography, and how you overcame it?

I was raised on film, darkroom, small budget, and Nikon. You had to be lucky and thoughtful back in the non-digital days. Twenty-five years ago I went down to Big Bend to shoot for two weeks. I was really trying to get back into the art of photography. When I returned to the house late at night with a dozen or so rolls of film and some great shots, the cabbie pulled a disappearing act with my camera bag that I didn’t see. Two Nikons, 4 lenses, and all my shots gone. It took me many years to go buy a camera, my first digital, and I am still learning–slowly but learning.

What sparked your love of photography?

Looking and reading about some of the masters and their work.

What’s your favorite class on KelbyOne and why?

Any class Scott does because he is a GOOD educator and humorist. BTW, is a very good photographer–I own one of his prints. Ramtin’s technical skills are awesome, but KelbyOne has surrounded the site with some great photographers who like to share and teach.

Connect with Ron

I’ve just started using Instagram–another learning curve (need a class for dummies).

Thanks to Ron for sharing his story with us, and giving us a behind-the-scenes look into this photograph.

Thank you for joining us for another Member Monday! If you haven’t yet, be sure to submit your photos for a chance to receive a Member Monday feature of your own.