Member Monday Featuring Robert Suntych

One of our favorite places to explore is the area around Venice, Italy. Today’s Member Monday is enough to make us consider booking another trip!

The next member on our feature list has great stories of his travel photography to share. Keep reading to discover the behind the scenes of this shot!

About the Photo

My wife and I had been planning a two-week trip to Italy for about a year.  When the time finally arrived to go we started in Venice and went all the way down to Sorrento and the Almafi Coast.  Beautiful trip!  I had attended a Scott Kelby seminar a couple of years back but never joined until I found out that KelbyOne had great videos on travel photography – and specifically on Venice and Rome.  I dug out my sign up information from a couple of years back and then became a member and immediately began watching the very informative videos on the subject. 

It was while watching the video on Venice that Scott mentioned  Burano and that’s how I found out about the little fishing village located near Venice. Had I not watched that video I never would have known about the very colorful fishing village and would never have shot this image.  I would have missed out on a lot of things.

This image was taken in April of 2019 and is the beautiful little fishing village of Burano, Italy.  It lies on a small island about a 40-minute water taxi ride from Venice, Italy.  It had been raining when we arrived so I knew I would have even lighting and not have to fight shadows on the buildings. I couldn’t help but notice all the various individual colors of the buildings, the cobblestone sidewalks, the boats moored along the canal and the people sitting outside. 

I took dozens of images as there were so many opportunities for great color.  There were many artists sitting along the waterfront with their easels and paintbrushes making beautiful paintings as well, and for good reason.  As for a title – I never really thought about it.  Maybe “Beautiful Village of Burano Italy”.

Gear and Software

My gear consisted of a Canon 5D IV with a Canon 24-105mm F/4 lens.  That was the only lens I took on the trip and it worked out great!  I shoot everything in raw so the software I used to process the image consisted of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018, Athentech Perfectly Clear V2 and Anthropics LandscapePro Studio V3.

Photography Preferences

I like to photograph pretty much anything, but I mostly photograph portraits and events.  I have photographed album cover shots for upcoming musical artists, promo shots for bands, anniversary parties for companies, kids puppet show promos, was an assistant photographer at a couple of weddings, one of two shooters at a Debutante Southern Ball and of course landscapes when I travel – which unfortunately isn’t as often as I’d like.

Photography Inspiration

I was inspired by the travel photography courses – specifically the ones on Venice and Rome that were taught by Scott Kelby himself.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

Honestly, I don’t have one particular class that’s my favorite as there are so many subjects I’m interested in but travel photography courses in-general.

Connect with Robert

You can see more of Robert’s work on his website, zenfolio, or Instagram account.

If you’re interested in meeting more community featured photographers, check out our Member Monday archives. We’ll see you next week for another photographer feature!