Member Monday Featuring Phillip Rubino

There’s something about a beautiful sunflower that can just brighten your day, and we adore this next photo we’re about to show you.

The sunset in the background adds the perfect touch of drama to this otherwise bright and airy photograph!

Take in a little sunshine to brighten up your day, courtesy of KelbyOne member Phillip Rubino. Hear all about it below.

About the Photo

The title of this image is Sundowner. I captured this sunflower in August 2019 just outside of Denver, Colorado. There are several sunflower fields in this area and each year for a short few weeks they are filled with photographers trying to take advantage of the sunflowers and “Bronco Orange and Blue” sunsets. 

Gear and Software

I captured this image using a Nikon D810 and Nikon’s 105mm macro lens. I use Adobe LR/PS for processing. 

Photography Preferences

I have a passion for landscapes but truly enjoy capturing sports/events and wildlife. 

Photography Inspiration

If I had to rank them I would say it’s Matt Kloskowski landscape sessions and some of his presets. He shows you an easy and quick method to a starting point to really make the images come alive. 

Favorite KelbyOne Class

There are so many great instructors. In particular, I enjoy learning from Matt Kloskowski and Moose Peterson. Their landscape post-processing sessions really help me learn to focus and capture the viewer on the subjects in the image I want to tell the story about. 

Connect with Phillip

You can find more work from Phillip on either his Facebook or Instagram page!

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