Before you go any further, we have to ask: are you ready to be impacted?! We thought we should give you a fair warning about the heart wrenching, soul-touching, and even creepy images you’re about to see.

One last thing—Are you thinking to yourself ‘Now that I’m stuck at home, maybe I should enter a photo contest!?’

You have impeccable timing because our next contest starts tomorrow April 17th, 2020. We’re also running a pretty schweet sale right now, so you can join Pro and enter your work—easy peasy.

Now let’s check out our winners

Member Challenge 36 Winner | Kai Hyx

When we first saw this photo we didn’t know whether to be scared, nervous, thrilled, or confused—but we were definitely impacted!

Skeleton wearing a gas mask.

Member Challenge 36 Runner-up | Alexsandor Berenyi

While this photo makes a little nervous that she might lose her balance, we love the contrast of her bright demeanor with the gloomy skies behind her. Great job Alexsandor!

Dancer leaning back over a building.
Alexsandor Berenyi

Member Challenge 35 Honorable Mentions

Three more favorites stood out from all of the entries we got. Shout out to Beth Spencer, Jodi Byers, and Tony DiCasa for their striking work!

Fantasy composited photo of a winged child pulling a cloud of clocks.
Beth Spencer
Child looking out the window at sunset.
Jodi Byers
A person with their mouth covered waiting at a bus stop.
Tony DiCasa

After we finished judging, we realized we had picked images of solo subjects. We must have social distancing on the brain, and it seems like our members definitely found inspiration from current events! It’s funny how our environment shapes the art we create and the way we see art.

Photography is such a beautiful way to connect, even if we can’t do it in person at the moment. So let’s give a hand to all of the photographers who had the courage to submit their work! 👏

New Member Challenges

This next challenge is one that you most certainly can do while social distancing. What is the theme we chose? Check the Insider on April 17th, 2020 to find out!

We will announce the next Member Challenge tomorrow on the KelbyOne Community and on The Insider. That means your next photo assignment will be posted on April 17th, 2020.