Member Monday Featuring Kathy Pantling

Happy Monday! Let’s start off the week by introducing you to another talented visual artist within the KelbyOne community—meet Kathy Pantling. Keep reading to get to know more about her and the photo she created.

About the Photo

The image was called Motueka Salt Baths. It was taken with a Mavic Air. I had the Mavic for about a month, just learning how to use it and had just had a few flights to practice. I live about an hour away from this site in Motueka and thought it would make a great composition. Initially when I went there, the tide was in and the impact wasn’t as good so I returned when the tide was out to include the muddy yellow sands and patterns of the outgoing tide to add texture. I didn’t realize there was anyone on the surrounding deck till I got home and zoomed in, but I think it adds to the image.

Gear and Software

I processed the image in Lightroom and then Photoshop just to remove a few distracting elements and boost the vibrancy.


Photography Preferences

I’m normally a pet photographer so this is something very different for me.

Photography Inspiration

I had watched the Scott Kelby and Terry White Mavic Air Video but also some composition videos by Scott and by Rick Sammon. Of course I have watched all of Kaylee Greers courses too!

Favorite KelbyOne Class

Ahh has to be Kaylee Greer, her energy and down to earth approach is inspiring.

Kathy considers herself a dog photographer, but we’ll admit, that’s one cool landscape shot! Don’t forget to follow Kathy Pantling on Instagram to see more of her photography.

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