Member Monday Featuring Jessica Ankie

If you’re looking for Nemo, we found him! In today’s Member spotlight, Jessica Ankie shares the story about how she spotted this wonderful clownfish at Zoo Tampa.

Read all about this shot below!

About the Photo

I call this image “Peek-a-boo” it was taken at Zoo Tampa. As I was walking through the aquarium this little clownfish exhibit jumped out at me. I swear this little guy was posing for me.


Gear and Software

I was shooting with a Canon 5D Mark IV with the Canon L series 24-105. I use Lightroom for post, but really try to get the results I’m looking for SOC (straight out of camera) and didn’t do a whole lot with this shot. The light was perfect and the colors just naturally pop.

Photography Preferences

I love animal/nature photography. Living in Florida this usually means shooting in a lot of zoos/aquariums to get some variety. 

Favorite KelbyOne Class

I love all of Kaylee Greer’s classes. She has such an awesome personality and she’s a huge inspiration. 

Connect with Jessica

I have my personal Instagram that has most of my work on it. I also have an “official” photography Instagram but it’s brand new and light on content.

Make sure you check out Jessica’s accounts to see what she comes up with next!

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