Member Monday Featuring Jack Kosowsky

When we set out to find photos for our “Little Things” Member Challenge, many subjects came to mind, but a colored pencil was not one of them.

Jack Kosowsky thought out of the (pencil) box, and leaped into the challenge of strong colors and macro photography. We hope you enjoy reading this Member Monday as much as we did!

About the Photo

I call this photo, colored pencils (original I know).  I took it for my entry into your Little Things Member challenges. Whenever I take a photo, the thought that goes through my head is to create something unique.

In this shot, I wanted to have the pencil in front be as large as possible and I wanted the water drop to be as sharp as possible. I have a home studio and took the shot in my studio.

Gear and Software

The photo was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III & Canon 100 mm macro lens. It was shot at f/8.0 1 sec. exposure with an ISO of 100.  I also had two extension tubes stacked on the camera. It was shot with 100% natural light. I did some minor editing in Lightroom.

Photography Preferences

I love to shoot cityscapes, landscapes, and shots along the beach.  I live less than an hour from New York City and the Jersey Shore and try to get to both as often as I can. I also enjoy photographing flowers & macros.  I typically save these for the wintertime when its more difficult to shoot outside.

Photography Inspiration

Last year, I took Bill Fortney’s course on Closeup / Macro Photography.  This gave me the underlying skills necessary to shoot macro.

Favorite KelbyOne Classes

Without a doubt, Melanie Kearn Favilla’s Flower Class has been my favorite. Her work is amazing and I’ve been very happy with my flower shots that I’ve taken based upon what she taught me. I also loved Scott’s class on Photographing New York City.  He helped me uncover lots of lesser-known locations in which to shoot.

Connect with Jack

A huge thank you to Jack Kosowsky for sharing his awesome work with our community! You can find more of Jack’s work on his website or on his Instagram.

Be sure to submit your photos for a chance to receive a Member Monday feature of your own.