Member Monday Featuring Gary Hunter

We were absolutely stunned when we saw this next photo submission. It so perfectly captured the stillness of a cold morning. Not a person or creature in sight, it must have been so quiet out there.

We can only imagine all of the cool things that Gary Hunter saw out on his trip, but here he is to tell you about it!

About the Photo

The title is “Winter’s Silence”.  This was taken a little after sunrise in Alberta Canada on a very cold morning… We were actually surprised to find this small pond that had not frozen over which provided an opportunity for some nice reflections. With no wind to cause ripples, everything worked out. I was on a Marc Adamus workshop.

Gear and Software

I used a Canon 5D MK 4 and a 16-35 wide-angle lens.  I worked on the image in LR, Photoshop and Color FX Pro 4.

Photography Preferences

I mostly photograph landscapes, with an eye to black and white.

Favorite KelbyOne Class

I like Advanced Landscape Post-processing Techniques with Ramtin Kazemi very much.

More of Gary’s work can be found on his 500px profile.
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