You all got to meet Cassie Keenum earlier this year when we introduced you to her and her photo of Moochie. Since you all loved her dog photo so much, we decided to feature her again to show off even more of her work!

1.) Can you tell us a little bit about your photo—full version seen here?

This picture was taken during a relaxing weekend spent with friends at Lake Santa Fe in Melrose, FL. We spent all day swimming, riding jet ski’s, and playing corn hole. It was my first time on a jet ski and I took a spectacular unexpected dive into the water. My favorite sunglasses are now somewhere at the bottom of the lake! Fortunately for me, no one caught a photo of my spectacular fail! Everyone brought their dogs along and this little cutie pie Layla was there with her humans. Her mom had asked me to take some pictures of her. The lake and it’s surrounding countryside provided some excellent scenery to show off Layla’s adorable little mug.

2.) What gear/software did you use to create this image?

I used a Sony a7iii with a Sony FE 70-200 G-master lens. It was getting close to sunset and the light was falling off fast, so my husband was helping out by using a gold reflector to throw a little extra light on my subject.

3.) What do you like to photograph?

Fur babies! I love photographing little fuzzy noses and toes! Dogs and cats never worry about how they look, they just live in the moment and enjoy life.

4.) How long have you been a KelbyOne member and what made you decide to become a member?

I joined KelbyOne in February of this year. I love the diversity of the courses offered and the forums are a fantastic resource for having any of your questions answered!

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