Member Monday Featuring Carmen Boergmann

Welcome to another Member Monday with the KelbyOne crew! Today we’re talking to the photographer behind THIS powerful and icy image—Carmen Boergmann!

You don’t see a photo like this every day, it really ‘wowed’ us. Hear what she has to say about it!

About the Photo

I took this picture during a recent trip to Iceland. It’s taken inside an ice cave underneath the famous Vatnajökull Glacier. Exploring the Ice cave was pretty exciting for me as I have stood and walked on glaciers many times in different places but I would have never envisioned what a beautiful and fascinating sight a glacier is seen from underneath.

Gear and Software

Canon EOS R with the Canon RF 15-35 2.8 lense. I edited the photo in Lightroom Classic and removed a person who stood at the entrance of the cave with the help of Photoshop.

Photography Inspiration

Landscapes: mountains, deserts. Travel: colorful markets, cultural places like Buddhist monasteries and stupas in Nepal for example.

Photography Preferences

Thanks to Scott’s recommendation on The Grid and the Member Webcasts I bought the EOS R and took the new wide-angle lens. My photos on this trip wouldn’t have been the same without it.

In Ramtin Kazemi’s landscape photography class, I learned to take pictures from a low perspective and to include the foreground. Thanks to Scott’s class ‘Photoshop for Lightroom Users‘, I was able to remove the tourist who snuck in my picture.

Last but not least: two days after exploring the ice cave we managed to shoot the Northern Lights. When I struggled to edit the pics in Lightroom, I followed Erik Kuna’s tips for editing Milky Way photos step by step and it worked out perfectly—thanks for that!

Favorite KelbyOne Class

I really liked Erik Kuna’s latest Milky Way and Photopills classes as it was easy to understand and follow and made me excited to go out and try myself.

Connect with Carmen

You can connect with Carmen via her official photography profile on Instagram.

Thank you for joining us on our very last Member Monday in 2019… See you next year!

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