Member Monday Featuring Carlton Brightly

We’re back with another Member Monday from KelbyOne member, Carlton Brightly. Drone photography is one of those things that not everyone knows how to pull off, but Carlton tells a story and sparks intrigue with this photo!

Read along as Carlton walks us through the details behind this unique photograph!

Here’s Carlton to explain the photograph he took.

About the Photographer

  • Hometown: I’m from Richmond, Virginia
  • Years in Photography:  Photographing since High School 40+ years.
  • Years as a KO Member:  Kelby member 5+ years.

About the Photo:

created by dji camera
  • Title: A change is gonna come…
  • Location: Robert E Lee Monument
  • Any additional description of the photograph: During the Richmond BLM protests, the monument became a rallying point and represented what inequality that is ongoing in our nation.
  • Gear/Software Used: I use a DJI Mavic Air and lightroom to edit and print.

Describe your creative style in 3 words

Digital Photo Artistry

Tell us about a time you struggled or failed with your photography, and how you overcame it?

Can’t really think of a time of struggle, really they are all learning experiences.

dance contest in Times Square

What’s your favorite class on KelbyOne and why?

I like the ones about compositing and portrait editing. I get to learn new ways of editing and mostly more efficient ways at that.

Connect with Carlton

You can find Carlton on Instagram @hardrock, where he shoots mostly street and portrait photography.

Thank you for joining us for another Member Monday! If you haven’t yet, be sure to submit your photos for a chance to receive a Member Monday feature of your own.