Member Monday Featuring Brigitte Lucke

Happy Monday everyone! We’d like to introduce you to a photographer from Palma de Mallorca, Spain—Brigitte Lucke.

Make sure to show her some love, and check out all of the hard work that she’s put into this shot!

About the Photographer

Photography has always been in my life. My parents documented our lives in photos and I won a camera as a child in a ceramics competition, an Agfa ISO Rapid which became our family camera, and traveled with us until I got an Olympus OM 10 when I was a student. 

  • Hometown: I was born in Germany but have been living in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) for almost 30 years.
  • Years in Photography: Many years. I got more serious about photography when I studied art and art history at the University of Bonn. 
  • Years as a KO Member: I don’t remember when I became a Kelby One Member, but I started with KelbyOne.

About the Photo:

  • Title: Beauty and Transience
  • Location: In my kitchen in Palma during the lockdown in April 2020.
  • Any additional description of the photograph: I like to stage small things and to find poesy in everyday life. 
  • Gear/Software Used: Canon 6D, Canon 24-105 mm, LR and PS.

Describe your creative style in 3 words

narrative, poetic, minimalistic.

Tell us about a time you struggled or failed with your photography, and how you overcame it?

I struggled when I switched from analog DSLR to digital. That was when digital was so slow, and I had no idea about digital photo editing. However, thanks to Scott Kelby’s books and KelbyOne I was soon back on track.

What sparked your love of photography?

A walk in the woods, the wandering shadows of clouds on the mountains or a wall, people at work, foreign cultures and food, fauna and flora, and above all, the light. I’m always observing the light, even if I don’t have my camera with me.

What’s your favorite class on KelbyOne and why?

There are so many great instructors on KelbyOne: Karen Hutton, Joe McNally, Matt Kloskowski to name but a few. I love Moose Peterson, the great Richard Bernabe, Jay Maisel for Street photography, and of course Scott Kelby himself. My hero is Rick Sammon, and I especially like his 20 time-proven rules of composition. He is a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot from him that I use in my own photography teaching. 

Connect with Brigitte

You can connect with Brigitte via the following social platforms:

My website is:

Instagram: @brigitte.lucke

Twitter: @brigitte505

Thanks to Brigitte for taking us behind-the-shot of this spectacular image!

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