Time to take a closer look at another one of our members! Meet Adam Kilbourne, a landscape and architectural photographer based out of the Midwest. Here’s the full version of his image we’re exploring today.

1.) What can you tell us about your photo, Splash? 

Location: Lake Erie Bluffs, Perry, Ohio

Moment: I went to the beach for the sunset, but saw the small waves splashing over a driftwood log. I took a number of shots to catch a good splash. This image started me on a quest to capture other splashes, usually at sunset. Some nights, when the water is flat, I’ll throw rocks and try to capture the splashes.

2.) What gear/software did you use to create this image?

Canon EOS REBEL T4i; 75mm (75-300mm lens); f/5.6; 1/800; ISO 100

3.) What do you like to photograph?

Landscape and architecture are my favorite subjects. I dabble in dog photography and abstract images.

4.) What made you decide to become a member?

I’ve been a member since 2015 when I won a membership from the WWPW—my photo was selected by the group leader. I’ve continued purchasing my membership because of the value of the courses and magazines. I’ve had photos and my website critiqued on The Grid.

Now that you know a little bit about Adam, it’s time to swing by his website to view more or his work and to follow him on Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up with his adventures.