As most of you are already aware, we publish 10 issues of Photoshop User and 10 issues of Lightroom Magazine every year for KelbyOne Pro members. Here at KelbyOne, we’re always striving to add more value to your membership, and part of that initiative has been to create a large library of back issues of both Photoshop User and Lightroom Magazine.

Every single issue of Lightroom Magazine has been available to Pro members for quite some time now, but we recently just finished uploading issues of Photoshop User going all the way back to January 2012. That means we now have 100 magazines in the archive. Yes, 100 issues! That’s a lot of reading, and something worth celebrating!

And even though some of the Photoshop and Lightroom tools and features may be out of date in those older issues, there’s still a ton of inspirational material in them. From design to photography, just flipping through all those pages will have your creative juices flowing, and you’ll be thinking about lots of new ideas and planning all kinds of new projects. Plus, there are plenty of non-tutorial-based articles all throughout those back issues, as well, that are still relevant today. So jump in and have a look around. It’s a library that we’re very proud of.

You can find these issues on KelbyOne in your Dashboard or through our mobile app, KelbyOne Mags for both iOS and Android.