To start, we’d like to thank everybody who entered Member Challenge 5 | Sports — as usual, there were a ton of great photos!

But… a special shoutout goes to Mark Hopgood for snagging first place with his photo from the Polocross Austration Championships (seen above). Congrats Mark! Your image really wowed the judges with it’s framing, energy, and basically everything. We hope to see more work from you in the future.

Mark’s image wasn’t the only impressive image though—our runner up gave him a run for his money! Nice photo David McDermott.

And of course there were a some others totally worth mentioning as well. Let’s hear it for Joseph Bojc, Ed Crawford & Elizabeth Hak (images as seen below from left to right). Thanks for your entries.

We hope you all had a good time competing and keep an eye out for Member Challenge 6 — something tells us it’s going to be a yummy challenge! 😉